I really appreciate your interest in my work and I’m looking forward to meeting you!


We will be sending an email shortly with the Zoom link for your free consultation. You can connect from your phone or computer, just make sure you have good signal and a working cam / microphone. You may want to enter a bit early if you aren’t used to the app so we don’t eat into the consult time. We will be running every 15 minutes sharp, so don’t be late!

Please call / text / whatsapp us at 786-635-9007 if you have technical difficulties.

Things you may want to prepare prior to your consult include any photos of yourself that you like / don’t like as well as any other photos of other people to give me a sense of the aesthetic you are going for.

NOTE: The basic consultation is by no means meant to be an exhaustive discussion of rhinoplasty. Honestly, I could spend hours discussing my favorite subject with just about anyone, and we would still just be scratching the surface. Keep in mind, this is something I have spent 12-13 years intensely studying on a daily basis. It will be impossible to catch you up on everything! Hopefully though, I’ll be able to address a few of your pressing questions.

Another thing that ultimately will be very helpful, will be a simulation. Most believe this is in fact, critical. I took a poll on Instagram and see the results below. 


  This is why I designed the VIP consultation. The VIP experience is specifically optimized for the patient, allowing you to achieve maximum comfort and transparency in the pre-operative process. Even more importantly, our success in the surgery highly depends on clear communication between you and I, and the collaborative design of the new nose.

While simulations are not meant to be guarantees by any means, I believe it is a critical communication tool that allows us get on the same page better than any alternative. It serves an invaluable role in allowing you to “try before you buy” and for us to make micro adjustments based on how things look on your own face. 

More information is available by clicking the button below.




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