The basic (free) version of the consultation process is a short, “meet and greet” type of interaction. This will allow us to virtually meet face to face and we can have a short discussion related to your nose. You will be able to ask me whatever questions you want. Screen sharing will be possible, so feel free to prepare whatever visual aids you want to display when explaining your goals. 

Due to extremely high demand, basic consults will be 15 minutes duration only and will start / stop on a strict time schedule.

If you are interested in a longer, more detailed consult (with 3D photo simulation), you can skip the basic consult and start immediately with a VIP consult. 


While we are happy to meet all interested patients, we do not expect patients to book a surgery solely based on the basic consult. While many surgeons out there are offering free virtual consults, I do not feel this is sufficient to move forward with such a high stakes surgery. The chance of “success” (as measured by you being happy with your outcome) is highly dependent on you and I having a shared understanding of what your goals are and what is possible.

One of, if not the single biggest, reason for revision rhinoplasty is that the patient and surgeon were not on the same page. The pre-operative simulation helps prevent this.

I do not have a particular “style of nose” that I do. I like to customize things based on what the patient wants. Not everyone likes the same kind of nose. While some patients would be happy with a conservative, natural look, others would prefer a more aggressive barbie style aesthetic. I’m happy to deliver either or anything in between. The key is getting on the same page pre-operatively.

In fact, as based by a recent Instagram poll I took from my followers, most people seem to agree that a simple virtual chat isn’t enough either.

Learn more about the VIP Consultation option, which includes a 3D Simulation you can keep forever.




Free consults will be of 15 minutes duration. You can ask whatever questions, send pics via screen share, whatever you want. Be prepared, so we can make the best use of the time. If you want to proceed further towards surgery, you must then book a VIP consult next.



Paid consults will last 45 minutes duration. Cost will be $300 USD. The main benefit, in addition to having more time to go over details, is that I will perform a 3D virtual simulation of your nose, based on 3 quick selfies that you will submit prior to the consult. An example of how this will look is below.




Changed your mind and would rather start with the VIP Consultation instead? No problem, just click below.
Or get more detailed information below.
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