In redesigning the consultation process, I primarily focused on making it as easy as possible for patients to plan rhinoplasty surgery.

I truly think we have designed a cutting edge system ideal for the COVID-19 era.

Because of social media, many patients have done their homework and know exactly what they want. This is ideal for both of us, because it helps to narrow down and really focus on the details that are very specific to your particular case. We both want the same thing – to make sure we understand each other and to create a shared vision. 

And if you don’t know exactly what you want yet, that’s okay too, this process is going to help you figure it out.

Since this page is fairly detailed, here is an outline of the overall surgery process.

1. Consultation (Virtual)
2. Book Surgery
3. Pre-Operative Visit (In-Person)
4. Surgery
5. Post-Operative Visits (Mix of Virtual and In-Person)

All consultations will now be done virtually. If you don’t already have a quote, one will be provided following the consult.

There are two kinds of consults we will be offering:


Free consults will be of 15 minutes duration. You can ask whatever questions, send pics via screen share, whatever you want. Be prepared, so we can make the best use of the time. If you want to proceed further towards surgery, you must then book a VIP consult next.





Paid consults will last 45 minutes duration. Cost will be $300 USD. The main benefit, in addition to having more time to go over details, is that I will perform a 3D virtual simulation of your nose, based on 3 quick selfies that you will submit prior to the consult. An example of this is below.



Following the consultation, you will receive a quote and all of the financial details. Once a patient books a surgery date, we will begin the 2nd phase of the process aimed at maximizing your results in as safe and predictable of a way as possible.

I will see surgical patients in the office in person 1-2 days prior to their scheduled surgery date for the “preoperative visit”. Standard pre-operative bloodwork which will now include COVID-19 will be done 2 weeks prior. If negative, patients must quarantine leading up to their surgery. A second COVID-19 test will need to be arranged 1-3 days prior to your preoperative visit. Patients must then enter strict isolation prior to their surgery date. Please take these precautions seriously in order to prevent the accidental spread of asymptomatic COVID-19 to your health care providers. 

The doctors and staff at the Surgery Center as well as myself will also be tested regularly to ensure your safety as well.

During the preoperative visit, I will perform a thorough physical examination of your nose internally and externally. We will obtain at 3D CT scan of your face to assess details of your septal and dorsal contours. Additionally, a high frequency ultrasound will be used to assess and document skin quality and thickness. These tests will be standard for all patients in my practice.

We will then take high resolution, professional photos and videos in my in-office studio for documentation purposes. These same standardized photos and videos will be taken periodically during your post-operative period in order to accurately track your progress and examine the results.





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