We offer free estimated quotes via Whatsapp please click HERE or send a message to +1-786-635-9007.

Send us a message with a few photos of different angles of your face / nose (no filters please) and we will reply back with an estimated quote so you can have a ballpark idea of the cost of your surgery.

All prices and quotes include optimization of structures both internally and externally both for cosmetics and breathing. This includes septoplasty, turbinate reduction, and valve work. There is no separation of functional and cosmetic components because the two aspects are linked. As a result, we do not work with insurances.

Prices include: surgeon’s fee, follow up visits, facility fee, and anesthesia fee. Prices subject to change. A consultation is required for a specific quote.


More details can be found on the Online Consultation page.



"Dr. Murray was able to achieve (and nailed) the look I was looking for and made it look natural, complementing my facial features."

"My new nose looks exactly like the photo he originally photoshopped to show me the final goal."

"If I knew how big of a change it made back then, I would have done it sooner."

"Dr. Murray is a World Class Rhinoplasty period. Period! His attention to detail and level of perfectionism truly sets him apart from the other so called experts I consulted with."

"Dr. Murray is an excellent young surgeon with something that very few have in his field: INTEGRITY."

"Dr. Murray didn't only fix my nose he fixed my biggest insecurity and for that I can never thank him enough!"

"He answers all your questions in a way you will understand, and if he has to explain again he will do it until you get it."

"I had a Revision Rhinoplasty with Dr. Murray and I LOVE LOVE LOVE my new nose."

"I can still remember my first breath a week after surgery when all the bandages were removed. It was the most amazing feeling of my life!"

"The pictures below speak for themself."

"Dr. Murray made sure I was confident and comfortable throughout the entire process and truly listened to what I wanted from the procedure."

"I absolutely love the outcome. It's better than I could have ever expected."

"Calculo que mi respiracion ha mejorado a un 90% y falta tiempo de recuperacion."

"All of the follow up appointments were free of charge, no hidden fees, and Dr. Murray takes close care in monitoring your progress as he takes great pride in his work."

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