Your full payment (surgical portion) is confirmed. Your surgery date will be reserved. Please check your email for receipt. 

We are excited about delivering your DREAM NOSE 🙂

Approximately 6 weeks prior to your surgery date, we will be sending you an email with important information to get ready for your surgery date, including a prescription for your pre-op bloodwork and everything you will need from your doctor for medical clearance.

Be sure to complete all of this by around 4 weeks prior to your surgery, since sometimes labs may need to be repeated or subspecialist evaluation sought. As indicated in the Financial Responsibility Statement, failure to complete the clearance 2 weeks prior to your surgery will result in forfeiture of your deposit. 


3-4 days prior to surgery you need your last COVID test. You must then be isolated 100%.

2-3 days prior to surgery you need to be in Miami (at least)

1-2 days prior to surgery you will meet with Dr. Murray in person.

6-8 days after surgery you will see Dr. Murray back in the office for cast removal.

FINALIZED DATES will be emailed to you shortly.


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